Friday, March 13, 2015

Music Cabinet upcycled to Wine Cabinet

A few months ago I had the opportunity to go to Brimfield Flea Market.

If you love flea markets, this is one you need to put on your list to check out.  It is gigantic and full of a wide variety of fun finds.

....I picked up this old music cabinet.  

Fern Avenue Blog
It needed a lot of TLC.  The top had a big gap running down the middle where the wood top was splitting.

Fern Avenue Blog

The door needed to be repaired...  All things I knew I could fix.  The gentleman that was selling this cabinet to me was full of history & stories.  He was telling me all about the historical homes he's helped clean out in the New England area.  I could've sat and listened to him all day.  This cabinet sat in a barn on an old estate.  Knowing that, it's lucky that it was in decent shape.

I brought it home, and waited until inspiration hit me.  A couple of the shelves (you can't see it in the pictures...and I forgot to take pictures of them) were split and they were only being held by the grooves inside the cabinet.

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I knew I wanted something a little different... 

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It deserved to be pretty again.  

I painted it in General Finishes Seagull Gray and used Black gel stain on the top.  I found a graphic I loved on The Graphics Fairy website for the door.   I used the Mod Podge transfer method.

I love adding appliques to my pieces that need that little extra something.  They are an easy detail to add onto a plain piece of furniture.  The appliques are from D. Lawless Hardware.  I love shopping at D. Lawless, they have such great items for amazing great prices.  

For the inside.... this is the fun part.  I turned it into a wine cabinet by adding wine bottle holder and and wine glass holders.  

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I inserted one of the shelves over the top of the bottle holder.  The inside is all painted in black.

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I think it turned out super cute and gave this neglected cabinet a new life and a new purpose.

Fern Avenue Blog

Hope you have a wonderful weekend..

With much love, peace & happiness

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Door upcycles

Doors..  I love when I come across an old door that I can use to create something new or use as decorative art in my own home.

I built a hall tree from an old door...

Door Upcycles

One of my favorite door upcycles was the sliding pantry door we did for our home.

Door Upcycles

The door on the hall tree was purchased from Habitat for Humanity Restore and the sliding pantry door came from a salvage yard.

I've also picked up some old barn doors from the side of the road.

I had these beautiful doors dropped off to me that were taken out of an older home that the owners no longer wanted...

Door Upcycles

There are 3 of them... all with these gorgeous knobs.  But! What to do with them?

Door Upcycles

I've been hanging out over at Hometalk checking out door upcycles.  I created a board so that I could gather my inspiration ideas for these beautiful doors.

 Door Upcycles

I see some really fantastic ideas.  I hope you will come on over and join me to see the creativity using old doors.

With much love, peace & happiness ~