Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to: Aqua Mirror Jewelry Armoire

I have had several messages asking how I did the makeover.  It really was super simple.

I first very lightly sanded it.  I sloppy painted a first coat, let it dry (the paint dries fairly quickly).  I used a sanding sponge for in between coats.

I hit it off with another coat of paint...

Let it dry completely.  I sanded any areas that I wanted to add a distressed spot.

I then took stain - kona is the color.  It is a very dark brown.  Brush on stain very light in stages.  Basically I would work in about a 4-6 inch area at a time.  I applied stain in the area and then using baby oil rubbed it down with the oil (you can use any oil like olive oil, grape seed oil, veggie oil).  I put the oil on paper towels or old white t shirts.  The oil moves the stain around so it's not one big dark spot of stain.  Once I had completed the stain on the entire piece, I went back & added desired aging/distressed spots where I thought looked good (i.e. the corners, in nooks/crannies, etc).

With using the stain & oil you can make it as light or dark as you wish.  If it is a little dark, keep rubbing & moving the oil around.

I then use a clean towel and wipe it down helping to wipe any excess oil off.

I used a small artist brush to get in the crevasse areas.  

You can also use rub'n'buff and do the same thing with oil.  I did use a little of the Spanish Copper to give a little added age look.  With this I only used a tiny bit around the corners(it only takes a small amount of this stuff).

I let the oil dry and then I buff it, and then I hit this one off with clear wax to protect it.

I hope this helps.  I need to start taking pictures as I am working to show how I did each step.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask.  I will try to answer them to the very best of my ability.

With much love, peace & happiness

Monday, March 18, 2013

Aqua mirror jewelry armoire makeover

I bought this jewelry armoire at the auction for nothing.  I knew I wanted it in our room, but I had not decided what colors I'd be going with.

So when Shannon had posted the new La Craie Maison Blanche Colette I was sold!! Last night I posted about a little makeover using Colette.  Can I just tell you I love this color so very much!?!  Can you guess what was made over?


These pictures do not even come close to doing this baby justice.  I have to figure out lighting plus I can't move it around with my hand so there are shadows/dark spots where in person there is not.

I used a dark stain to add some age to it & then used a clear wax.  It really turned out so much nicer than I can show right now.  When I can move it I promise to show better pictures.  Plus I need to show pictures of our bedroom soon.

A giveaway will be coming your way soon.  I am working on giving a quart of La Craie Maison Blanche paint color of your choice.  Details coming to you soon.

With much love, peace & happiness
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Productive Day

A very Happy St. Patrick's Day!!  This is one of my favorite days..  My favorite color is green, I love corned beef & cabbage, Irish music, and Guinness is one of my all time favorite beers.

We celebrated last night at Annarellas on the Green.  We had a great time and stayed way past the girls bedtime.

Today was a productive day for us.  My father-in-law started the stonework on our fireplace.  It looks amazing.  He really does great work.

Our mantel will/should be here on Tuesday....so exciting.

Look what I got in the mail Saturday!!!  This is a sweet package from Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage.  Do you happen to know what is in it?  It is the scrumptious color Colette.

I love when I get these packages...not only because I really love the paint but there is always a sweet personal handwritten note from Shannon.

Of course I just couldn't wait to get my hands in it. So I have a very special piece to show you... sneak peek only though.

The color in the photo is a little off as the lighting got bad.  It is really beautiful & can't wait to finish it up and show you the final product. 

Hope everyone had a safe & happy weekend.

Much love, peace & happiness!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Projects one handed

Since my surgery I have not been able to really use my hand.  I went to have the soft cast removed & was told the wound was much worse than we thought.  I completely severed the tendon & put a nice gash in the bone.  I went to PT & am in a contraption that looks like my thumb is Hannibal Lector :(  

Needless to say this post is taking forever...I am typing ONE handed.  I am not to be typing, cleaning, painting, carrying a grocery bag or doing anything really...it's so very hard!!  I was told I can walk around like a mannequin.  BOOOOO!

I can't just sit & do nothing...  So I picked up these cute little tables to put in our living room, but really wanted to add color to them so painted one handed...I did it.

I really liked the legs on them.  

The color is barn red.  I lightly sanded and then I used spanish copper rub'n'buff.  I will bring you more pictures once I get them in place.

I also bought these cute little urns but didn't like the flowers so I put plants in them.

I am dying to get my finger back because I have a basement full of furniture to work on.

I miss all of you...

Much love, peace & happiness!!!

~ Lynn

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stuck with inspirations..

After having surgery on last Friday, I was certain by Monday I'd be up and back to getting our house back in order.  Well let's face the facts...it didn't happen and this girl isn't known for being stuck doing nothing for too long.  I am so not a happy camper right now.

I was told I am not to drive until released...WHAT?  Needless to say I've been stuck at home.  I have had a few minutes or days but who besides me is counting :)  to think about what I want to do with some furniture pieces once I have both hands back.

So back in November I picked up this mantel at Philadelphia Salvage -

I was going to redo it and use it with our fireplace.  Well it just didn't go the way I expected.  So my mind started working...it does work at times especially when it is forced to do so.

While up at 1:45 am, and then again at 4 am a light bulb went off.  See I've been looking for an old 5 panel door with no luck and then bam just like that my mind said oh the mantel it would be perfect.

Do you know where this is going yet?

Let me show you a few inspiration pictures...
Simply love this...

love the detail

The color..

Now you see where this is headed.  I am so thinking that this is what I want to do for our bed.

I guess rest does the MIND & body good.

I hope everyone is doing great & I promise once this awesome soft cast is off I will back to working on projects including the house so I can finally show you.

With much peace, love & happiness...
~ The Ferns

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I am still here...

Sorry I have been gone for a few days.  The move has kicked our butts.  But we are here for the most part.

I have a few sneak peek pictures.  We are still surrounded by a ton of boxes and nothing on the walls, but we are here and loving every minute of it.  Today the carpet was installed in our room.  These are crappy cell  phone pics...sorry.

This is the living room & kitchen area.  I promise to come back with more/better photos....

It was so much fun cooking our first dinner in my kitchen...I love it so much!

Yummy fried chicken...

Ahh the view.  I have a chair opposite of this window...I sat in it when I got home today and was in heaven.

Our bedroom...again promise more/better photos of all the rooms.  We (well my hubby) will move our bed & furniture in tomorrow.

The girls loving their new beds/room.  They play in here all the time.  As soon as they get home they head right up.  I love that we created a place that they enjoy going to read books & play with their animals.

Ok....so this is why I've been MIA for the most part.

I cut my thumb last Friday and thought it was ok.  By Sunday I still couldn't extend it and it was starting to feel numb and discolored.  I ended up in the ER (first picture).  They thought I cut the tendon and it was infected, and so I ended up at a hand doctor on Monday.  She wasn't sure I had cut the tendon so she removed the splint.  I went back on Thursday & it was still locked & I couldn't extend it.  She decided that we couldn't wait any longer.... I ended up in surgery today at noon.  I ended up hitting the bone along with cutting the tendon...  BOO!!!  Thank goodness for good pain meds otherwise I'd be pretty miserable.

On the other hand (no pun in tended) I get to be a princess tomorrow & must stay in bed with my hand elevated.  My hubby has already been amazing....waiting on me without waiver.  He's awesome!!!

As soon as I can I will update with lots of pictures...you all deserve it....you've cheered us on & gave me that push to move forward.

With much love, peace & happiness
~ The Ferns